Be sure to check the documentation for instructions and screenshots.

Can I get just the bass clef or treble clef notes?

In AnthemScore, if you click File > Save As there are options for changing the octave or removing notes that lie outside a custom range. See details in the documentation.

Why am I getting 'a valid playback service was not found'?

The "N" versions of Windows don't come with Windows Media Foundation (WMF), which is used by AnthemScore to load audio files. If you have an "N" version, you'll need to install a media pack from Microsoft. You can also use a utility like Dependency Walker to identify any specific DLLs you are missing. Another reason for this message is running on Windows Vista, which is not a supported operating system. If you're using Linux, make sure to follow the extra steps on the download page.

Why is my trial not working?

If you have a license-related question or the application is crashing, send us feedback from within the AnthemScore application (Help > Send feedback) and we'll pull up any relevant license data or crash reports to help answer this question.

I lost my activation key. Can you resend it?

Search for an email with "AnthemScore Activation Key" in the subject. If you can't find it, visit key recovery.

Can I install on 32 bit Windows?

The 32 bit build has been discontinued. AnthemScore doesn't run well on 32 bit versions of Windows. It is a memory and processor intensive application and will frequently hit memory limits and crash in 32 bit Windows.

Can I transfer a license to another computer?

No. However, you can activate one extra device each full year from your purchase date.