Download a 30 day free trial of AnthemScore 3.8.0. See older versions.

What's new in 3.8.0

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You will need a minimum of about 4GB of RAM to process most songs, more for songs longer than 3 minutes. Virtual machines are not supported. After 30 days, the trial ends and you won't be able to process any additional songs without a valid activation key.


If you have Dell Backup and Recovery installed, there is a known bug in that software that causes AnthemScore and other Qt-based programs to crash when you try to open a file using the file dialog. You can fix this by upgrading or uninstalling Dell Backup and Recovery or simply drag and drop audio files onto the side panel rather than clicking the 'Open' icon. If you encounter problems during installation, you can also install manually.


To install on OS X, download the .dmg file and drag the app to the Applications folder. Then right click and choose "Open" instead of double clicking, since the app comes from outside the apple store.


AnthemScore was tested on Ubuntu 16.04. You may need to install the gstreamer 1.0 good, bad, and ugly packages if you don't have them already. The program must be installed on a drive that supports linux file permissions and wasn't mounted with 'nosuid' (if you encrypt your home drive with eCryptfs, it will use nosuid). Super user permission is needed during installation for the license utility.