Bulk Purchase

To see the policies for refunds and software updates or to purchase for a single user, visit the purchase page. You can make a bulk purchase at a discount below, which gives you a single activation key that can be used on a larger number of computers. Note: this is only for organizations with multiple users--individual users must purchase their own activation key. Commercial use of the software is permitted. Since computers sometimes fail, 1 extra computer can be activated for every year after purchase. There is a 30-day free trial and it is strongly recommended to try out the software on at least one computer before making a purchase. The purchase can be completed using Stripe checkout. The bulk-purchase discount is as follows:

Number of Computers Unit Price

Installation and Activation

The software can be installed on each computer individually following the instructions here, but it can be done more quickly by installing on one computer and copying the installation directory to the other machines, following the steps below. Activation can be done on the command line, so it's possible to automate installation and activation with a script. An internet connection and administrator access is required to install and activate.

  1. Install the software on one machine.
  2. Copy the installation directory to all other machines
  3. For Windows: run vcredist_x64.exe in the installation directory on each machine.
    For Linux: follow the steps in the README.
    For Mac: nothing is required.
  4. Activate the software on the command line for each machine by running "AnthemScore -a --activate <key>" where <key> is your activation key and is case-sensitive (requires AnthemScore version 4.1.4 or later). A success or failure message will be printed to the screen.
  5. Optional: delete the license_activation_code text file in the AnthemScore application data folder to keep the activation key hidden or leave it if you want a backup record.


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